Wedding kneeler donated to Chapel

The College is honoured to receive a beautiful tapestry cushion, hand-woven by Barbara Cargill – past Dean of International Programs.

The wedding kneeler was recently presented to Lynda McMinn, College Chaplain, and makes a wonderful edition to the Chapel.

Since retiring and leaving her role as Dean of International Programs earlier this year, Barbara found more time to devote to one of her favourite activities: needle-work.

‘The project came up about 15 months ago because I was admiring some kneelers in Andrew McGowan’s office,’ says Barbara.

When she asked him if the College needed more, the then Warden reflected that it might be good to get a new kneeler for weddings.

According to Barbara’s rough estimate, it took some 1,000 labour hours to go from that idea to realisation.

Made of French tapestry wool and gold thread, the kneeler had to be big enough to comfortably fit a bride and groom together.

‘I’ve done a few of these. It ‘s always long and slow work,’ she says.

‘I designed it myself. I thought it would be appropriate to include a fleur-de-lys on the top.’

The College looks forward to many years of its use in celebrating weddings in the Chapel.
09 Dec 2014
Category: People