How to Accept Your Offer

Got an acceptance letter? Congratulations! You are on your way to Trinity College.

Intake Accept before for guarantee of electives (if elective runs) 
UTC +10 (AEST)
Final Date for Acceptance (no guarantee of electives)
UTC +10 (AEST)*
Start Date 
August Standard  5pm Wednesday 20 July 2022  5pm Monday 1 August 2022  Thursday 4 August 2022 
September Fast Track  5pm Monday 5 September 2022  5pm Monday 12 September 2022   Tuesday 20 September 2022 

*If you are commencing your program in-person, you need to allow enough time to have your visa granted and arrive in Australia by the Program Start Date.

Now that you have been offered a place in the Trinity College Foundation Program, you must accept your offer. Here is what you have to do.

Step 1. Accept your offer

You'll receive a letter of offer via email that outlines:

  • the intake you've been accepted into
  • fees payable
  • your course commencement date
  • relevant policies, including our refund policy.

To confirm your place at Trinity College, you'll need to:

  • meet any conditions stated in the letter of offer
  • sign and date the acceptance page (this is a legally binding contract under the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia)
  • pay the first fee instalment shown on your letter of offer.

Note: You need to accept your offer at least four weeks before the study commencement date.

Step 2. Pay your first fee instalment

Payment of fees (in Australian dollars) can be made via:

  • bank draft
  • credit card – parents should contact their bank before they return this Credit Card Authorisation Form to ensure a large sum will be released in one transaction
  • telegraphic transfer/direct deposit (add an extra $20 to cover bank charges).

Payment details

All initial deposits should be made out to:

Bank: National Australia Bank
Branch: Ground Level, 330 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Account name: Trinity College – Initial Pre-paid Fees Account
Branch number (BSB): 083 004 
Account number: 137 647 681
Swift Code: NATAAU 3303M

All payments must include the student’s full name and their Foundation Studies ID number (shown on the bottom left-hand corner of your letter of offer) on the transfer document.

Students must advise the Trinity College Registrations Office immediately that the transfer has been completed and provide the following details: 

  • a copy of the transfer receipt 
  • full name of the student 
  • student TCFS ID number 
  • the amount paid in Australian dollars 
  • date of transfer 
  • name and branch of the bank that funds have transferred from.

Please note that any subsequent payments owing post commencement at Trinity should be transferred to:

Bank: National Australia Bank
Branch: The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia
Account name: Trinity College General Account
Branch number (BSB): 083 170
Account number: 515 617 691
Swift Code: NATAAU 3303 M

A $300 late fee will be applied for any fee payments received after the relevant due date.

Note: If you pay your first fee instalment and then decide to withdraw from the course, you'll need to notify Trinity College. Applications for fee refunds are considered individually.

Review our refund policy for more information.

Step 3. Arrange accommodation

There are several accommodation options for Trinity College students. 

If you're under 18 years of age, you'll need a Confirmation of Appropriate Accomodation and Welfare (CAAW) before you can apply for a student visa. All under 18 students must have care arrangements with Trinity's provider – ISA Student Advocates – and live in Trinity's pre-approved student accomodation. The CAAW cannot be issued by ISA until both the accommodation and the welfare confirmations are received.

Trinity will cover the cost of the ISA Student Advocate for students who have already accepted their offer. We will contact these students to advise of next steps.

Students who accept their offer by Friday 21 January 2022 will also have the cost of the ISA Student Advocate covered by Trinity College. These students will also be contacted.

Students who accept their offer after Friday 21 January must pay the costs of the ISA Student Advocate directly to ISA.

Your agent can assist with this process. Otherwise contact Trinity's accomodation team for assistance.  

Step 4. Have your enrolment confirmed

Once we have received your payment and checked that you meet the Department of Home Affairs guidelines, we will confirm your enrolment by issuing an electronic confirmation of enrolment (e-COE).

Step 5. Secure your visa

To apply for a student visa, you need to present the e-COE, CAAW letter (if you are under 18) and other required documents to an Australian diplomatic mission, either in person or online. If you apply to Trinity College via an overseas representative, they will assist you with your student visa application.

If your application was not successful

If your application to Trinity College was not successful, this could have been for a number of reasons, including:

  • your application information was incomplete or deemed fraudulent
  • the admissions team believed you didn't meet the necessary entry requirements
  • the admission entry requirements changed.

If you're unsuccessful in gaining an offer of entry to the Foundation Studies program, you can appeal the decision by contacting the Admissions Office, the relevant Foundation Studies Regional Manager, or the Associate Dean – Marketing and Admission, with supporting documentation.

Review our admissions policy for more information.