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Find Accommodation in Melbourne

Want to know where you can live while studying at Trinity College? We have a range of accommodation options to suit every student.


Student accommodation

Students who attend Trinity College become part of our welcoming and friendly community. Whether you need some help finding accommodation, or want to know more about living in Melbourne, our teachers and staff are always willing to help.

What type of housing accommodation can I stay in?

Trinity College has a range of accommodation options to suit every student and you'll feel right at home while living in a safe and secure environment in inner-Melbourne. Our friendly staff work closely with accommodation providers to give you the best possible living arrangements.

Where you live forms a big part of your overall experience while studying in Melbourne. Our accommodation options are designed to make you feel comfortable, so you can enjoy your time while undertaking the Trinity College Foundation Studies program.

Student apartments

Each student apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom. Apartments may be studio, one or two-bedroom, or three to six-bedroom multi-share, and most are allocated within walking distance, or a short tram ride, to Trinity College. Some student apartment costs cover electricity, gas and internet access. Students are required to commit to a six to 12-month lease agreement.

Private apartments and houses (18+)

Private apartments allow students greater independence while studying at Trinity College. Apartments are usually furnished, and students should allow some time before the commencement of their course to find a suitable option.

Where can I live if I'm under the age of 18?

Students under 18 must live in accommodation that's been approved by Trinity College to ensure you'll be well looked after by a trusted accommodation provider. You may live in private accommodation if a legal guardian or approved person is living there as their full-time residence.

Who can help me with accommodation?

Our staff can help you find the best accommodation to suit your needs. They can help you book your accommodation while providing information, advice and referrals.


It is compulsory for students who are under 18 years of age to book an airport pick-up through Trinity College. Click here to book your airport pick up. 

Students who are over 18 are free to make their own way to their accomodation or a pick-up can be organised by Trinity College.

Address and contact details

Before arriving in Australia, you are required to advise us of your Australian contact details, overseas contact details and parent/guardian contact details, including name, address, mobile or phone number and email address, and notify us of who to contact in an emergency. Changes to these contact details must be updated within 14 days for students under 18, and within 28 days for all other students.  

It is your responsibility to ensure that you always update your contact details at least every 6 months at Trinity to ensure you receive important information. 

Under 18 Students : In accordance with visa condition 8532, students under 18 must seek approval from Trinity College before changing their accommodation arrangements. 

Trinity College provides safe and enjoyable accommodation options that offer an easy and seamless transition into student life.

Check out our accommodation options for students under 18 years of age, or explore our accommodation options for students who are over 18 years of age.