Trinity  College students

Rooms & Facilities

Our rooms are modern and comfortable to ensure Trinity doesn't just feel like a place to live, but feels like a place to call home.


When you join Trinity, you'll be given your own fully furnished room to settle into for the academic year. Rooms are located in mixed corridors with shared bathrooms, and those living in your corridor will become like your family. Our rooms vary in size, with first year students usually allocated smaller rooms than second or third year students (so there's your incentive to stick around for a few years!).

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What your room will include

At a minimum, your room will contain the following:

  • king single bed (with mattress and mattress protector)
  • desk, chair and lamp
  • bookshelf
  • wardrobe
  • bar fridge
  • fan and heater
  • clothes drying rack
  • unlimited wifi access

Unfortunately you can't bring large personal furniture or appliances to college, such as beds, fridges or drawers. Hopefully you'll be happy with ours though!

What you need to bring

  • bed linen, pillows, towels and a doona/quilt (we can provide these for international students on request)
  • personal belongings such as clothes, toiletries and things to decorate your room, like posters and photos
  • laptop and other small electronics
  • laundry detergent (we provide free washing machines and dryers)
  • formal wear for events and activities (such as a suit or a cocktail dress) – don't stress too much if you don't have anything fancy

Note, we don't insure your personal belongings, so consider taking out a policy if required.

You'll be responsible for cleaning your own room (you can use our vacuum cleaners) and professional cleaners will handle the rest.

Common spaces

We have plenty of common areas for you to hang out in with your friends. This includes our beautiful Harry Potter-esque dining room and adjoining café, a double-storey Junior Common Room in our swish new residential building, a billiards room, a basement where you can hang on the couches and watch television or play video games, a library that's open 24/7, drama and music practice rooms, a visual arts studio, and our many beautiful outdoor areas, including a shaded deck that opens onto the lawn.


We'll be honest, on-campus parking is basically non-existent! In line with our sustainability initiatives we promote the use of public transport and cycling for staff and students wherever feasible, and everything is pretty handy to Trinity so you usually don't need a car anyway. We also have a designated bicycle garage in the basement of the Dorothy building!

Offsite parking options are available at UniSquare and the Dax Centre, as well as along Cardigan Street and Royal Parade (limits and fees apply).

Out-of-term accommodation

College fees cover 36 weeks of student accommodation, including residence during the Easter and September mid-semester breaks. Students need to vacate their rooms during the mid-year break in June, unless otherwise arranged (additional fees will apply). You'll generally keep the same room for the whole year.

Photos of student rooms

Image of the first year room at the residential college of Trinity College

Image of a girl and a boy studying in one of the second year rooms at the residential college of Trinity

Image of the third year room at the residential college of Trinity.

Another image of the inside of a first year room at Trinity College

One boy sitting in his room at the residential college, Trinity College

Image of the Trinity College student bathroom

Image of girl sitting in our common rooms and reading a book

Quick video tours of student rooms

Jeopardy Building - Sophie's Room

Behan Building - Niamh's Room

Bishops Building - Bartu's room

This is where you'll live, now look at what you'll eat!