Postgraduate research students are part of a vibrant community who work in various theological disciplines. 

The research community at Trinity College Theological School includes students, faculty and visitors, working on projects in biblical studies, systematic theology, philosophy, ministry studies, liturgy and church history. Trinity is unique among the colleges of the University of Divinity in appointing the University’s first Research Professor and first Postdoctoral Research Fellow. 

Students are encouraged to attend, and present at, quarterly research seminars and the University of Divinity’s Research Day. More broadly, we encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities to meet and learn from the numerous local and international scholars who visit the University and Trinity College throughout the year. Trinity is able to provide shared office space for research students in order to foster collegiality and interaction with fellow students and faculty. 

Prospective students are invited to contact our Research Coordinator, Dr Scott Kirkland, in order to discuss supervision options, scholarships, research topics, and the application process. Please also refer to the Faculty page to see the research profiles of our academic staff.  

Research Seminars

Research Seminars are held once or twice per semester. Upcoming seminar:

  • Monday 13 September 2021 

Current Faculty Research Projects

  • A biography of Markus Barth
  • Women's ministry and leadership in the New Testament
  • Divine violence and the portrayal of God in the Book of Samuel
  • Book culture, reading communities and the composition of the Gospels
  • The Synoptic Problem and the problem of dating the Synoptic Gospels
  • The absence of the Transfiguration in Jesus films
  • Economics and the shaping of Temporality
  • Modern Messianism and Sovereignty
  • The Parable of the Sheepfold
  • The Johannine prologue
  • Implicit emotion in John
  • Jesus’ baptism in John

Current HDR Theses


Nant Hnin Hnin (Snow) Aye 
Thesis Title: Jesus? Redefinition of the Cultural and Social Praxis in the Gospels: A Call to Christians to Live in a New Society.
Supervisors: The Revd Dr Robyn Whitaker, Dr Carolyn Alsen

Christy Capper 
Thesis Title: Sin as Inauthenticity.
Supervisors: The Revd Professor Mark Lindsay, The Right Revd Dr Stephen Platten

Paul Daniels 
Thesis Title: Von Balthasar and Nietzsche on the Aesthetics of Tragedy.
Supervisors: Professor John McDowell, Dr Scott Kirkland

John Deane 
Thesis Title: The New Song, the New Creation and New City - the Missional Perspective of Revelation.
Supervisor: The Revd Professor Dorothy Lee

Nixon Estrella De Vera 
Thesis Title: The Suffering of God in the Eternal Decree: A Critical Study of Barth on Election.
Supervisors: The Revd Professor Mark Lindsay, Dr Jason Goroncy

Emily Fraser
Thesis Title: Radical Song: Protestant Communication through Hymnody.
Supervisors: The Revd Dr D'Arcy Wood, The Very Revd Dr Andreas Loewe

Marilyn Hope
Thesis Title: The Community of St Mark, Camperdown: Model of Contemplative Life for the Church?
Supervisors: Professor Peter Sherlock, The Revd Dr Cecilia Francis 

Luke Hopkins 
Thesis Title: Contemporary Anglican Identity in Conversation with Cyprian of Carthage.
Supervisors: The Revd Dr Don Saines, Professor Peter Sherlock

Daniel Kisliakov 
Thesis Title: Reclaiming the Theological Legacy of the Russian Diaspora with Reference to the Thought of Paul Evdokimov, Maria Skobtsova and Lev Gillet.
Supervisors: Associate Professor Youhanna Youssef, The Revd Dr Duncan Reid

Thomas Leslie
Thesis Title: Theological and Liturgical Significance of Eucharistic Vestments.
Supervisor: The Revd Robert Gribben

Atsushi Shibaoka 
Thesis Title: Moral Injury and Human Flourishing - A Theological Exploration.
Supervisor: The Revd Dr Charles Sherlock

Richard Wilson
Thesis Title: A Methodological Approach for Church Engagement of the Economics, Finance and Business Sectors.
Supervisor: The Revd Associate Professor John Flett, The Revd Dr Alan Niven


Genieve Blackwell 
Thesis Title: Design thinking: Creating a New Model for Discernment and Dialogue for the Twenty-First Century Church.
Supervisors: Professor Peter Sherlock, Professor Ingo Karpen

Shaheer Sedhom
Thesis Title: Reception of the Parables of Luke 15 in the Early Fathers: a Coptic Orthodox Reading.
Supervisor: The Revd Professor Dorothy Lee, The Most Revd Associate Professor Anba Suriel

Recently Completed Theses


Geoff Cheong 
Thesis Title: Secularology and Relational Spirituality: Towards an Integral Christian Spirituality. 
Supervisors: The Revd Dr Ruwan Palapathwala, Dr Edmund Chia

Paul Oslington
Thesis Title: Political Economy as Natural Theology: Smith, Malthus and their Followers.

Research Fellows and Associates

Scholars undertaking research projects may contribute to the academic life of the School as Honorary Research Associates.

The Revd Dr John Capper, BEng UNSW, BTheol, DipMin Ridley, DipSocSc UNE, PhD Cantab
Dr Anne Elvey, BSc(Hons), PhD Monash, GradDipEd MercyColl, BTheol, TheolM MCD
The Very Revd Dr Andreas Loewe, BA(Hons), MPhil, MA Oxon, PhD Camb
Dr Ashley Moyse, BA Messiah, MSc NColorado, PGCert Loyola, MTS TrinityWestern, PhD Newc
The Revd Dr Duncan Reid, BA(Hons) Monash, BD MCD, DTheol Tübingen, MEd Flinders
The Revd Canon Dr Charles Sherlock, BA(Hons) Syd, ThL AustCollTheol, MA ANU, BD Lond, ThD ACT

As a member college of the University of Divinity, Trinity College Theological School (hereafter TCTS) can choose to nominate academics as honorary research staff to be recognised and accredited by the University of Divinity. Please read our policy on Honorary Researchers for more information.

University Scholars

Michelle Trebilcock, BA(Hons) Monash, BTh, DipTh ACT, MA, PhD CSU

On occasion, a Visiting Scholar may be affiliated with Trinity College Theological School for
a short-term stay. Please read our Policy on Visiting Scholars for more information.