Trinity College grounds on a beautiful sunny day

Kitchens Redevelopment

Trinity College Warden, Professor Ken Hinchcliff on the College's exciting new capital works project.

The Trinity College Kitchens Precinct redevelopment project has been on the cards since the opening of our new residential building, ‘Dorothy’ in 2020, which took our total number of residents to approximately 380.

This project is the most significant building works that the College will undertake for many years – not only from a financial perspective, but because of what this space means to all Trinitarians.

It’s the central space that students, staff and our broader community is constantly drawn to – it’s the backdrop of photos and the lynchpin of memories. It is the space that connects many generations of Trinitarians. It doesn’t matter if you came to College in the '50s, '80s, '90s or 2022, or if you’re a parent, friend or relative – the space between the four walls is undoubtedly the beating heart of Trinity and the space that etches into everyone’s minds. And it has been the beating heart of Trinity College since 1880, when this building was first constructed.

The Dining Hall isn’t just for residential students – this space forms an important part of the Trinity experience for our Theological School students, who can often be seen meeting here with our faculty over a coffee, and our Foundation Studies students, who come here to meet with friends and to study. Our staff gather here a couple of times a week for morning tea to catch up and reconnect, and our alumni and friends use this space for events and gatherings.

Hear what the Dining Hall means to some of our alumni

This major building works would not be possible without the help of Trinity alumni and supporters. Most of this redevelopment will be funded through philanthropy. the new Dining Hall will be known as the A C C Farran Dining Hall, after major donor and Residential College alum Andrew Farran. 

The Dining Hall is much, much more than a place to eat. It’s our heart, our point of difference.

See below artist impressions of the new Kitchens Precinct