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Course Information

The Trinity College Foundation Studies course is uniquely structured with exciting core and elective subjects.

What will you study?

The University of Melbourne's Trinity College offers a world-class Foundation Studies curriculum, designed to set you up for success at university. Our unique course structure ensures you develop the skills you need to excel in your future University of Melbourne studies.

Upon completion of Trinity College Foundation Studies, you'll be proficient at:

  • speaking in front of others
  • working in groups
  • developing an argument
  • being creative, constructive, analytical and critical.

The curriculum structure

As a Trinity College student, you'll study five subjects comprising:

  • two compulsory core subjects
  • three elective subjects.

This structure allows you to develop the core skills you need for future tertiary studies, while building complementary breadth in your knowledge and capabilities.

You'll choose elective subjects based on your particular study interests at the University of Melbourne. For example, certain electives, such as Mathematics 1 and science subjects are prerequisites for entry into some University of Melbourne courses, As such, you'll need to have prior knowledge of the subject if you're planning further study in the field.

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Types of intakes

Trinity College admissions staff will assess your application and ensure you receive an offer for the intake that best suits your academic and English requirements.

Standard intakes

A majority of Trinity College students will commence studies in one of the two yearly Standard intakes, in February and August. This is the standard type of intake at Trinity College.

Fast Track intakes

Some students 'fast track' their studies by starting later than the usual Standard intake. Fast Track is an intensive study style with higher entry requirements than Standard intakes.

Note: Music is not available in the Fast Track intake.

Comprehensive intakes

The Comprehensive intake allows students from some countries to commence their studies at Trinity College at a different phase of their secondary schooling. The Comprehensive intake also allows students requiring additional preparation in mathematics to be considered.

Students remain in the same cohort throughout the program, fostering a sense of group cohesion and improving pastoral and educational outcomes. This intake provides flexibility in catering for students with varying academic backgrounds, ensuring everyone in the program is prepared to transition to the University of Melbourne and succeed from day one of their degree.

Note: Music is not available in the Comprehensive intake.

For further course information, read the Trinity College Foundation Studies Prospectus.