The Perils of Perseverance

Well-meaning rhetoric about ‘persevering’ isn’t that helpful right at the moment.

30 Jul 2020


Hope, assurance of restoration, and belief in the God who can bring an end to all suffering, does not prevent Jesus weeping.

23 Jul 2020

'Do unto others' (even in a pandemic)

In the face of increasing turmoil, let's continue to follow the 'Golden Rule', and 'do unto others', even in a pandemic.

16 Jul 2020

Curse or Gift

The yearning for returning to the past may keep us from discovering the new opportunities and perspectives which this time affords us.

09 Jul 2020

Love and the End of the World

Repetition ends with failure, and begins with hope. So perhaps love might even interrupt repetition, it might be the end of history. 

02 Jul 2020

Trauma and 'the new normal'

One of the phrases that must be in contention for the phrase of the year contest is ‘the new normal.’

25 Jun 2020

Breaking the chain

The story in which Ishmael and Hagar are driven out into the wilderness by Sarah, with Abraham’s  complicity, has often been read as setting up the animosity...

22 Jun 2020

The past is not fixed for nations and peoples

The impact of the past on the present is not fixed for nations and peoples, any more than it is for individuals.

18 Jun 2020

Reflection on the Trinity

Over the weeks of lockdown through the coronavirus, we celebrated major festivals of the church’s year: in particular, the death, resurrection and ascension...

15 Jun 2020


Almost three months ago – when shops had just closed, borders had been shut, and we were beginning to hunker down into an indefinite period of home isolation...

11 Jun 2020

Job's Friends

In the past week, a cry of protest against systemic violence and racism has erupted in our world.

09 Jun 2020

Beyond Being 'Normal'

What’s 'normal'? We hear a lot about the 'new normal' which has emerged in this lockdown period and which will gradually emerge as we transition not only out...

04 Jun 2020

On Parasites and Vampires

Art often provides us with a glimpse of reality. It provides us with the possibility of thinking differently by estranging us from ourselves for a moment.

01 Jun 2020

On Remaining Together

The Johannine epistles have a lot to say about group boundaries and who is in and who is out.

28 May 2020

Vultures around the Carcass? Judgment, Blame and Scapegoats

When I worked in Kenya in the 1980s, news circulated from Uganda of a disease which caused healthy young adults to lose weight rapidly and die.

25 May 2020

COVID-19 and the Dilemma of Technology

In Psalm 135, the Psalmist writes: ‘The idols of the nations are silver and gold, the work of human hands. They have mouths, but they do not speak; they have...

21 May 2020

Living with new gratitude for the gift of life

Just when I thought I had the ageing thing nailed, the government intervened.

18 May 2020

What will we take?

Like me, I am sure you have all noticed how much more silence there is in these days of isolation and being-at-home

14 May 2020

Living 'Without God'

During the summer of 1944 – 15 months into a 2-year imprisonment that would end in his execution in the Flossenbürg concentration camp – Dietrich Bonhoeffer...

11 May 2020

Rest amidst the Unrest

The word Sabbath, Shabbat in Hebrew, comes from a root word meaning “to cease”: it is the cessation of work on the seventh day

07 May 2020

The Pathway Ahead

There is a sign on an Alaskan highway that warns drivers about the limitations facing them ahead. It reads “Choose you rut carefully, as you will be in it...

04 May 2020

Freedom and Love

One of the things that it is easy to forget while “we” are in isolation is that not all of us are so lucky.

30 Apr 2020

Normal Service Will Be Resumed

Not “going to church” can make us feel really guilty, especially if we have been brought up that this was something we really ought to do.

27 Apr 2020

Presence and Paraclete

‘But Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?’ (John 14:5) is Thomas’ anguished cry as Jesus announced his imminent departure...

23 Apr 2020

The Time of Singing Will Come

Times of stress often lead to periods of deep introspection. Lent is already a period set aside by the Church for reflection and thoughtfulness.

20 Apr 2020

The New Normal

Staying home is now our new normal. And going to church at home has become the way we belong to the Body of Christ.

16 Apr 2020

Meditation on Hebrews 2:5-18

Meditation on Hebrews 2:5-18: This passage from Hebrews was the New Testament reading set for morning prayer on the feast of the Annunciation on 25 March...

14 Apr 2020

Sanctifying God's Name

In times of crisis, danger, and fear, the Church has frequently sought solace in Hebrew resources of lament and supplication.

09 Apr 2020

A Lament for Holy Week

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

06 Apr 2020

Confidence in Times of Uncertainty

How’s your blood pressure? COVID-19 is leading to lock-downs the likes of which we have not seen in generations.

02 Apr 2020

Long-Distance Worship - An Idea From The Rabbis

Over the centuries,  the logistical issues of participating in worship exercised the Jewish ancestors of our faith.

30 Mar 2020

Eucharist and Absence

COVID-19 has brought the frailty and vulnerability of the body into sharp relief.

26 Mar 2020

Love One Another

In a society which already experiences so much social isolation—that is only exacerbated by social media—the idea of churches being forced to cease to gather...

23 Mar 2020