A love story for Valentine’s Day: Brisa Quek and Yu Kai Chong

By Emily McAuliffe

Brisa Quek and Yu Kai Chong met through Trinity College's Young Leaders Program, and loved the campus so much they returned to use it as a backdrop for their wedding photos. Here they share some of their beautiful photos and the story of how their relationship evolved.

Brisa and Yu Kai

Where did you meet?

At the Trinity College Young Leaders Program in 2012, where we were in the same student group.

Where did you grow up?

We both grew up in Singapore.

What were your initial impressions of each other?

We first met as assigned group mates in the dining hall on the first day of the program.

Brisa says: Yu Kai seemed shy and softly spoken but kind and friendly. It felt that we had common topics to talk about such as having the same extracurricular activities like volleyball and taekwondo.

Yu Kai says: Brisa was very curious and friendly. She was always asking questions, getting to know people, and she was also very eloquent in speaking.

What was your first impression of Trinity College back in 2012?

Brisa says: I thought it was a beautiful, spacious college filled with positive energy. Initially I imagined there would be serious and intensive classes, but it turned out to be a fun-filled and interactive learning journey.

Yu Kai says: I thought it was a beautiful school with open fields, nice grass and a relaxing atmosphere.  I also felt it was lively and diverse with people from all across the world joining the program.

Brisa and Yu Kai

What are your fondest memories of the YLP program?

  • Getting scolded for talking too much to each other while our facilitators were rushing us back for dinner.
  • Our spontaneous chat sessions in the library, while we were supposed to prepare for the final project presentation.
  • Our daily gatherings at the dining hall, something about everyone catching up over food and banter made the atmosphere so lively and memorable.
  • The final dance party where everyone was in high spirits! Back then we started to have fond feelings for each other but we were still too shy at that point.

Brisa and Yu Kai

How did your relationship evolve?

We were group mates in YLP then stayed close friends after the camp ended when we came back to Singapore. After a year of friendship, we were both sure we had feelings for each other and decided to get together. 

Throughout our nine years together, we didn’t attend the same schools or university, but we saw each other through different phases of life, and were each other’s firm pillar of support, motivation and joy during these times.

Why did you want to get your wedding photos taken at Trinity College?

We felt it would be meaningful to come back to the place where we first met and the place that has brought us many happy memories together.

Brisa and Yu Kai



14 Feb 2023
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