Trinity welcomes Indigenous elder

Travelling down from the Yaegl community in northern NSW, Lenore Parker is a Visiting Pastoral Fellow of the College in February and March.

Lenore was invited to Trinity by College Chaplain Samuel Dow, with the aim of engaging with the College community – students and staff – in a wide variety of ways.

With an open heart, Lenore says she has ‘simply come to talk to people and be available. I’m here to meet people and hear their stories.’

In her community, Lenore is an elder, mother and grandmother – as well as a priest in the Anglican Diocese of Grafton.

Whilst here, Lenore will give a talk during Evensong on Sunday 13 March, as part of the Chapel’s Human Rights Series.

‘I will just share my story and talk about social justice issues,’ says Lenore. ‘Besides the talk, I don't plan on doing anything formal.’

Lenore believes ‘the most important gift you can give to people is your time. If you care for your community, they will care for you.’

‘The place and people here will take me on my spiritual journey in my six weeks here,’ she says.


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15 Feb 2016
Category: People