Introducing the Trinity Talks free lecture series

By Emily McAuliffe

From 20 September to 1 November, a group of Trinity College lecturers will present a series of free lectures to give a feel for the subjects and teaching style in Trinity College's Foundation Studies program.

Want to learn about subjects like chemistry, history, accounting, biology, media, physics and environment in an engaging way? Want to find out what it's like studying online in Australia? Then sign up to 'Trinity Talks' – a free lecture series taught by some of our most experienced teachers. 

These webinars will:

  • let you ‘meet’ some of our teachers (they could be YOUR teachers one day if you enrol in Foundation Studies!)
  • give you useful information about the subjects that interest you
  • help improve your academic English
  • show you our online lecture style at Trinity College
  • let you ask any questions about our subjects or studying with us in general.

Our lectures cover many subjects, including:

  • Chemistry – and how it can lower the impact of food waste on climate change
  • Accounting and Economics – and how these subjects can help you invest and understand financial markets
  • Environment, Development and Design – and how these fields can help us address global challenges
  • Media and Communications – and how Asian cinema has influenced Hollywood

… plus more!

Visit this page to see what’s coming up and to register. We hope to see you online soon! 


01 Sep 2021
Category: Foundation Studies