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Monday 21 September at 7pm (AEST)

Examine the biological, psychological and social/cultural factors that contribute to behaviour, as well as the diversity of human experience. 


Monday 28 September at 7pm (AEST)

Look into a real-life case study to find out how a company does its books, and see how manipulation can lead to fraud and the demise of a company.


Monday 5 October at 7pm (AEDT)

Learn about nuclear physics, the Big Bang, fusion and fission, elementary particles and accelerators.


Monday 19 October at 7pm (AEDT)

Explore media literacy in relation to new media, and learn about echo chambers, viral news, fake news and platforms like TikTok and YouTube.


Monday 2 November at 7pm (AEDT)

Find out what economics is, why it's important and why we need economists, using examples from the Royal family.


Monday 9 November at 7pm (AEDT)

Find out how drama can enhance English communication skills beyond reading and writing to empower you to communicate in any context.


Monday 30 November at 7pm (AEDT)

Look at the role of biology in forensic science.