Trinity Claims Inaugural Step Back Think Cup

By Jack Dawson (Trinity College) & Tyrone Bean (Queen's College)

On Sunday August 14 Trinity College Football Club and Queens College Football Club joined Team Lace Up by donning orange laces when they ran out to compete for the inaugural intercollegiate Step Back Think Cup.

Step Back Think is a not-for-profit organisation focused on the prevention of social violence.  Step Back Think’s Team Lace Up campaign raises awareness of the causes and consequences of social violence by encouraging Australian sporting clubs of all codes, levels and ages to show their commitment to ending social violence by wearing orange laces.

The day was a great success with two very competitive teams coming out and playing a tough but fair brand of footy. Fierce tackling pressure, great sportsmanship and a great wave of support were the highlights of the day, whilst Trinity came out on top in an incredibly tight affair despite being down at half-time. John Vrodos was named Trinity's best whilst Charlie Youngman from Queens was given the honour on the other side. Both teams then wandered back to Queens in a friendly fashion to enjoy a barbecue dinner and chat amongst friends, family and colleagues. 

The boys from both colleges laced up because just over 18 months ago a dear friend of ours was taken by an act of brutal and senseless violence. As members of a demographic who are both primarily responsible for and victims of social violence, we understood that something had to change. A moment of irrational brutality can permanently change so many lives which is something we learnt the hard way and do not want to see repeated.

Both Trinity and Queens were incredibly proud to support this worthy cause, and many of us did so in memory of a mentor, teammate and close friend.

We absolutely loved seeing the huge number of supporters there on the day and the contribution and support of the Colleges, Step Back Think and the University of Melbourne who all jumped on board.

We hope to see this legacy and game continue well into the future, to continue to raise awareness, and to stamp out this unfortunate and insidious part of our society.

Photos from the match are available on the Trinity TCAC Facebook

For more information about Step Back Think or to donate to this incredible cause please visit


25 Aug 2016
Category: People