Ruby Smith – meet the creative

By Nicole Rodwell (freelance)

How a music scholarship helped Ruby Smith find her artistic calling.

Ruby Smith Trinity College

Ruby Smith wears her passion for music on her sleeve. It’s a passion that led her to a Trinity College music scholarship, after a supportive high school teacher prompted her to apply. ‘There was a lot of uncertainty after graduating as my family moved back to Ballarat and I didn't have a place to live in Melbourne,’ she says. It was during this time that Ruby auditioned for the Trinity choir and was offered a scholarship to live at the college. ‘Getting the scholarship meant I could go to uni without having to commute. And that meant I could get involved in all of the extra-curricular activities that Trinity offered,’ she says. 

Singing in the choir has been the main extra-curricular activity that Ruby has been involved in while at Trinity, where she is a soprano. ‘It’s been a big commitment – we practice three times a week with two services per week – but it’s great,’ she says. Ruby’s role in the Trinity choir doesn’t just see her perform in Melbourne, but in cities around the world. In 2019 the choir took her to the UK, France and Spain, and next year, the US.

Ruby’s musical talents also go beyond being a chorister and she’s been involved with numerous productions throughout her time at Trinity. ‘I've produced a play and musical and got to choose the cast and directors,’ she says. ‘I was also responsible for the admin and business side of things, which helped me discover that I really love managing creative fields.’ 

These experiences at Trinity have helped solidify Ruby's career goals and she has big plans for her future. ‘It's set me up for what I want to do with my life and the projects I want to be involved in,’ she says, with her ultimate goal being the Covent Garden Opera House in London, where she one day dreams of becoming a producer. ‘I’m very, very passionate about the arts and creating. I just want to be involved in creating things,’ she says. 

While initially it was music that drew Ruby to Trinity, her first visit opened her eyes to so much more. 'I went to an open day and the feel of the College was what stayed with me. It was so welcoming. I had toured other colleges and Trinity was by far the standout,’ she says. 

The impression that Trinity College has continued to leave on Ruby is a hugely positive one. ‘Trinity is a community of people who want everyone around them to succeed and they really value diversity,’ she says. ‘I’ve had to support myself by working throughout uni but Trinity and its donors have been so helpful,’ she says. 

Ruby feels a huge amount of gratitude for the opportunities these donors have opened up for her, and for all she’s been able to achieve and experience while at Trinity. ‘It’s been an incredible experience and one I’ll never forget,’ she says. 

With work, study, choir and arts production interests, Ruby’s schedule is not set to slow down anytime soon. In 2020 she will take on an exciting new role as the Trinity College choir manager. ‘Becoming the manager of the choir is the cumulation of all of the hard work I’ve put in and all of the things I’ve done. It’s a massive step in the right direction for my career plans and what I want for my future.’ 

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13 Dec 2019
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