Dr Adrian Mitchell – meet the doctor

By Emily McAuliffe

Adrian Mitchell’s time at Trinity may have been more than 50 years ago, but his college experiences will stay with him forever.

Dr Adrian Mitchell_Trinity CollegeFollowing in his father's footsteps, Adrian Mitchell spent six years at Trinity College in the 1960s, studying medicine. Sadly, at the end of Adrian’s second year, his father passed away. 

Concerned about how his mother would provide for him and his younger siblings, Adrian turned to Trinity for support. ‘I went to the Dean looking for advice,’ he remembers. ‘The College was able to reduce my fees, which enabled me to finish my degree.’ It was a gesture that left an impression on Adrian and ultimately influenced his direction in life. 

While Adrian saw medicine as the ‘only option’ worth pursuing, he initially chose a career as a surgeon. It wasn’t until he spent time at an old school friend’s general practice in Melton that he made the decision to switch specialties. ‘I enjoyed talking to people and general practice provided that,’ he says.

With a clear career direction, Adrian took up partnership at his friend’s practice and spent almost 40 years serving the Melton community as a GP. Now retired, Adrian is involved in various local organisations as a volunteer. He also donates to Trinity College and strongly believes that a quality education should be available to everyone, regardless of their background. ‘I got a sense of giving back from my father, who always tried to help, and I gained from my mum the idea that education is the most valuable thing,’ he says. 

Adrian returns to Trinity College regularly to attend events and is an active alum. ‘Trinity was able to help me, and the times I’ve been back I’ve been impressed by its inclusiveness and diversity,’ he says. 

Looking back on his own college experience, Adrian describes his time at Trinity as exhilarating and says that being constantly surrounded by all sorts of people and faculties, and the conviviality of collegiate life, are the memories that have stayed with him the most. ‘There were so many benefits,’ he says. ‘Good food, good company, socialisation, and the opportunities it opened up. I was exposed to many different things – from politics to art to music, to the people I sat next to at dinner.’

With Adrian having come full circle as a contributor to Trinity’s scholarship fund, he is now giving back to the community that helped him through a time that was difficult to navigate as a young person. His wish is for those in need to receive help to study, especially students from diverse or overseas backgrounds. ‘Even a small contribution is worthwhile,’ he notes.

Thanks to Adrian's generosity, like that which he experienced during his time at Trinity, lives will no doubt be changed for the better.

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06 Dec 2019
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