Congratulations Iffy Donnellan- 2017 Senior Student

Iffy Donnellan who grew up in Melbourne and graduated from Caulfield Grammar was initially inspired by her mother Dr Adaobi Udechuku (TC 1984) to come to Trinity.

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, and is an active member of the College and wider community.

In addition to her academic studies, Iffy is incredibly passionate about sport and was this year the captain of Softball, Tennis, and vice-captain of Women’s Football. Iffy also maintains many other interests including being the lead in this year’s musical production Grease, O-Week and Mid-Year O-Week Buddy and a member of Dance Society.

Iffy feels strongly about the many opportunities on offer at the College and encourages students to get involved in life at Trinity as much as possible.

She identifies academic excellence and sports as two of the key tenets on offer at Trinity and compares them to the ‘two largest and tendered branches of the College’.

However, she believes there are also other areas of the College that are in need of additional support.

‘I recognise that there are areas of the College that miss out on the lime light. I believe that all should be celebrated, as it is the diversity of opportunities and diversity of talent that makes Trinity so great.’

For Iffy the most significant aspect of being Senior Student is about helping people on a personal level. In her nomination speech Iffy spoke of the need to continue to work closely with the Wellbeing Committee and to ‘stop members of the College slipping through the social cracks.’

Congratulations Iffy on becoming 2017 Senior Student.

The College also congratulates Jack Dawson, outgoing Senior Student. Jack was outstanding as a calm and wise leader, who enjoyed the respect of his fellow students. He was fair, principled and clear in managing the complexities of student life and in his responsibility as a member of the Trinity Board. Typical of Jack’s sense of community was his part in the recent initiative to introduce the Step Back Think Cup – now to be awarded annually at the intercollegiate football match with Queen’s. The Cup forms part of the public campaign to eliminate random and devastating moments of violence and injury.

25 Aug 2016
Category: People