Book launch with Trinity connections

Last week, the University of Melbourne launched one of the latest book titles published through Melbourne University Publishing, Miegunyah: The Bequests of Russell and Mab Grimwade.

Appropriately, the lavish volume was produced by the bespoke imprint of MUP, Miegunyah Press.

While the story told is a University one about the incredible philanthropic bequests of Russell and Mabel Grimwade, it is not without strong Trinity connections. The authors are Professor John Poynter (TC 1948), a former Dean of the College, past Joint Acting Warden, and Senior Fellow; and Dr Benjamin Thomas, current Rusden Curator of the College's cultural collections of art and archival holdings.

The book was officially launched by Alex Chernov, the 20th Chancellor of the University of Melbourne before taking up the role of Governor of Victoria (2011–15). Among the evening’s speakers was the current Chairman of Melbourne University Publishing, Professor Peter McPhee (TC 1966). 

The project was undertaken through the Australian Institute of Art History at the University, with the generous support of the Miegunyah Fund Committee, the Grimwade family's representative on the Committee, Sir Andrew Grimwade (TC 1949), and former Herald Chair of Fine Art and Foundation Director of the AIAH, Professor Jaynie Anderson.

Russell Grimwade did not come to Trinity. Circumstances were such that he attended Ormond College. But in this he was slightly unique. Generations of members of the Grimwade family have been part of Trinity's story for more than a century, all the way up until recent years. In August, the former Chairman of the College Art Committee, Sir Andrew Grimwade, was made the inaugural Patron of the Trinity College Collections, recognition for more than a quarter of a century supporting the growth of the College's art collections.

The great bequests of Russell and Mab Grimwade have opened up extraordinary opportunities for the University of Melbourne, enabling an exciting range of initiatives. 

Through the Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellows program, Australia has benefited from the visits of more than 100 international academics. Many of these have been hosted by Trinity College during their time at the University, and we have been the beneficiaries of their expertise and knowledge.

The University's cultural collections have been enriched by the treasures of the Grimwades' collections of art, rare books and Australiana. Russell Grimwade's passion for chemistry, appreciation of art and sense of obligation to preserve the past has driven the development of the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation. Russell's first allegiance may have been to biochemistry, but he had a wider vision: to fund the 'birth of an antipodean Clarendon Press' at Melbourne University Press. The distinguished Miegunyah imprint has realised his ambition and this book is the most recent volume in that series. 

The Grimwades' bequests still remain one of the University of Melbourne's most significant gifts. The volume is the inspiring story of Russell and Mab Grimwade and their legacy to the Australian nation.


Read more about the book at the MUP website

09 Dec 2015
Category: People