Alumna pens novel about College life

A Trinity American exchange student has recently published her second novel.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Grace Nosek (TC 2010) graduated from Rice University and Harvard Law School, and now works in public interest environmental law.

In 2013 she was nominated in ‘The 21 Most Impressive Students At Harvard Law School Right Now’.

As an exchange student for six months in 2010, Grace lived and breathed the Trinity life.

That experience left an impact on her creative self. In 2011 she published a young adult novel, Ava of the Gaia.

The follow-up, Ava Rising (2014), takes place in and around Melbourne, and includes scenes at Trinity that capture some of the magic and camaraderie of O-week and College life.

The following extract from Ava Rising captures that Trinity feel:

‘She ran her hand along the smooth mahogany wood of the immense banister wending its way through the heart of the old dorm, imagining the decades of college kids who had run, walked, and glided up and down the same stairs. She could sense them here still, the long dissipated emotions of those past generations. The place had a nostalgia hanging over it. But not the bad, melancholy nostalgia. The imprint of years of youthful exuberance and camaraderie lingered in the air, a tangible sensation’.


Ava of the Gaia on Amazon

Ava Rising on Amazon

Animated excerpt from Ava Rising by Julian Breheny (TC 2009)

Article about Grace from Rice University

04 Mar 2015
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