Raymond Ng- Critical Thinking Opens Doors

It was at Trinity College that Raymond Ng (TCFS 1996) learnt to think critically about issues and to view things from ‘a different angle and perspective’, opening the door to a career in management consultancy and as a guest lecturer.

He has fond memories of coming to study at Trinity, ‘I mean it was fun, coming out from Asia, it was a totally different experience, the educational system in Asia is very different to the Australian educational system, in the way that the Australian system brings out the analytical thinking,’ says Ray.

Since leaving College and the University of Melbourne, Ray has travelled extensively across the globe (including Australia, China, England, Singapore, United States, and now, Hong Kong) working at companies including HSBC, Deloitte Consulting, and Brightstone Capital Advisers.

Ray currently works at Infosys Consulting and is responsible for managing capital markets in North Asia, which covers anywhere in Asia north of the equator.

In addition, to his work at Infosys Consulting, Ray has also begun lecturing as a guest at three universities in Hong Kong; Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

‘It all started with one of the universities approaching me and asking if I would be willing to coach their MBA students, every now and then to talk about strategy, talk about operations, talk about financial modelling.’

After Ray began lecturing, more offers quickly followed suit from other universities throughout Hong Kong. He enjoys the variability of working at the three different universities and discussing the importance of accounting.

‘The Chinese University of Hong Kong, actually invited me to sit on the panel to talk about social impact investment. I later realised that the audience were basically students from the top universities in the world. Melbourne Business School was in there, so there was a connection.’

Ray is enjoying the balance of consulting and lecturing and believes that this combination is crucial in bringing ideas to life.

‘In a university, it’s more like an incubator, they develop ideas in a theoretical basis, whereas consulting helps make it happen in a practical way, to bring these ideas to life.’

Away from work, Ray continues to stay in touch with his friends from Trinity College. ‘I recently caught up with Sebastian Hia and Tammy Yong (both TCFS 1996 mid-year). I’ll see Maggie Boontree (TCFS 1996) if I’m in Thailand, and I’ll see Daphne Wee (TCFS 1996) in Singapore, and a couple of others. And I see Vivian Chan (TCFS 1996) whenever I’m back in Melbourne.’

The Trinity network continues to afford Ray opportunities both on a personal as well as professional level with fellow alumni across the globe.    

The following is taken from Ray’s Valedictory Speech to the TCFS class of 1996, a sentiment he believes holds true today.

‘“Trinity the “Chocolate Factory”, students the moulded product being despatched to the world…. As we pursue different paths from hereon…. the world is our oyster!’

The Hong Kong Reunion will be held on 1 September 2017, we would love to see any alumni currently in Hong Kong or surrounding areas attend.

07 Jul 2017
Category: People