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Pathfinder Program

Studying at university in another country is both exciting and challenging. You need to navigate a new education system, a new city and new people. You will need important skills in order to make the most of your degree, and you will need friendly faces alongside you to make sure you have the best experience of your life.

That’s where Trinity College’s Pathfinder Program comes in.

The Pathfinder Program is a short course run by Trinity College to help international students transition to life at the University of Melbourne – Australia’s top-ranked university.

Prepare for life in Melbourne without leaving home

This four-week program is undertaken online, so you can be anywhere in the world while you prepare for university life.

After completing the program, you will attend a live event at Trinity College to meet your teachers and your new friends in person.

Boost your academic skillset

Your teachers will help you understand and develop the academic skills you need to succeed at university. You will learn research and writing skills specific to your degree before you begin your university studies, and develop an understanding of the Australian education system.

Build a support network in Melbourne before you start university

Networks of friends are important to success in your studies. The Pathfinder Program will help you meet other students commencing their degree at the University of Melbourne at the same time as you. This means you can meet up with familiar faces as soon as you land in Melbourne and start your university journey together. You will also connect with international students who have already completed first year and are keen to pass on their knowledge.

Learn from experienced teachers who live in Melbourne

The best way to learn about life and study in Melbourne is to ask people who live and teach here. The Trinity College Pathfinder Program is run by teachers who live in Melbourne and are experienced in working with international students.

This means they’ll be able to answer all your questions and make sure you feel comfortable and excited about your move to Australia.

Give yourself the best chance to succeed and apply now.

Meet your teachers

Dr Daniel

Dr Daniel has taught philosophy, history and political studies at several universities. At Trinity College, he helps teach students the skills they’ll need for tertiary education.

Dr Nazanin

Dr Nazanin is a lecturer at Trinity College and an expert in English for academic purposes. She can’t wait to meet you and to help you gain a better understanding about Australian academic style.

Dr Paulo

Dr Paulo is a Physics and Mathematics lecturer at Trinity College, and has an interest in the connections between those two subjects. He is also a bad but enthusiastic swimmer and runner.

Course details

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Join our program ahead of semester 1, 2024:

22 January – 16 Feb 2024*
* Date subject to change


$4,000 (inc GST)

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