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Trinity College is committed to providing a welcoming community in which all members feel respected, safe and supported, and in which our students can thrive and grow academically and personally. 

 Child safe policy

  • Child safe policy - Trinity College is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment where all students are empowered to develop their talents, interests, and abilities through a curriculum that fosters the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and moral & spiritual development of the student. To uphold this commitment, the College will promote the safety of all children, including through a Child Safety Policy. If you have any comments on this Child Safety Policy please contact

Child Safe Review 2023

As part of our regular internal audit program, the College engaged external auditors Shine Wing to conduct a comprehensive review of our child safe processes. The outcome of this review was a glowing commendation of the systems the College has in place to protect our young people, with four recommendations for further improvement. Of the recommendations, three were rated low risk and one moderate risk with suggested actions to better integrate the reportable conduct scheme into processes, improve training and record keeping and enhance communications and promotion of child safety with student families. 

The College is in the process of implementing these improvements within the required timeframes. If you have any queries about this review or other child safety related questions, please email

The following policies relate to Trinity College Pathways School. Please read these policies prior to enrolling in Trinity College Foundation Studies. 

Pathways School policies

Pathways School publicity

Incidental photographs of students as a participant in group activities may be taken and used for Trinity College’s publicity and promotional purposes in print and online. Students will not be named or identified nor will they be entitled to any fee for the use of such images. If the students or their parents do not agree to the use of photographic material, please contact the College in writing. 

Pathways School student visa matters

ESOS Framework Description

Overseas Student Health Cover

Student Visas

  • Attendance
  • Satisfactory Academic Results
  • Late Commencement
  • Notification of a Change of Address
  • Employment

Watch our video on creating a safe space for international students, created by one of our own Pathways School students.

Watch our video on creating a safe space for international students, created by one of our own Pathways School students.