Academic English

Trinity College Academic English Program (TCAEP)

The Trinity College Academic English Program (TCAEP) helps students who need to improve their level of English before commencing the Comprehensive Plus or Standard intakes of the Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) program.

As well as helping students with their overall level of English, the program provides an introduction to the academic skills required to succeed in Foundation Studies and bachelor programs. The course covers reading, writing, listening and speaking, and also offers activities in English that promote creativity, innovation and problem solving.

  • All classes are delivered face to face.
  • Delivery methods tailored to student needs.
  • The maximum class size is 18 students per class.
  • Students must attend 20 hours per week.

Students will not be required to retake the IELTS or other external tests at the conclusion of the TCAEP, provided they meet the required score for direct entry to TCFS.

TCAEP students will have access to the same facilities and services as other TCFS students.


There are two levels of the TCAEP, each of 10 weeks' duration:

  • Level 1 takes students from overall IELTS 5.0 (or equivalent) to overall IELTS 5.5.
  • Level 2 takes students from overall IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent) to overall IELTS 6.0.

Each level is composed of two five-week modules and tests will be taken by all students every five weeks. At the end of the TCAEP, students must pass a Trinity College test to gain entry to TCFS. Students must also pass a test to move from Level 1 to Level 2.

2022 Dates & Fees

TCAEP 2022 TCFS Intake Commencement Date End Date Cost
20 weeks - Levels 1+2 February Standard 12 August 2021 27 January 2022 $12,200
10 weeks - Level 1 January Comprehensive Plus 7 October 2021 22 December 2021 $6,100
10 weeks - Level 2 February Standard 4 November 2021 27 January 2022 $6,100
20 weeks - Levels 1+2 August Standard 17 February 2022 22 July 2022 $12,200
10 weeks - Level 1 July Comprehensive Plus 7 April 2022 23 June 2022 $6,100
10 weeks - Level 2 August Standard 11 May 2022 22 July 2022 $6,100


TCAEP is a NEAS endorsed English language centre.

If you have any questions please email