Global Impact

Trinity alumni are making their mark across the globe with our worldwide network spanning 79 countries.

Read the full profiles of seven Trinity alumni whose impact has gone global, as featured in the 2019 edition of Trinity Today.

1. Wu Chun

Superstar Campaigner

If you’re from Australia, the name Wu Chun may not ring any bells. But if you’re from more

2. Steve Hasker

Media Maestro

Hurdling can’t last forever. That’s what Steve Hasker learnt when his track and field more

3. Yien Li Yap

Waste Warrior

Yien Li Yap spends a lot of time looking in bins. Her goal is to help them lose weight – kind of more

4. Amanda Vaughan

Top Talent Scout

Soon after graduating, Amanda Vaughan, like many young Aussies, set off to live in London for a year…read more

5. Andrew Muirhead

Business Innovator

When Andrew Muirhead was five years old, his grandfather gave him a model aircraft for more

6. Sabrina

Social Change Agent

When Sabrina Anjara completed field work with migrant domestic workers in more


7. Richard Woolcott

Dogged Diplomat

Richard Woolcott’s international influence extends far beyond one country. His esteemed more