Reflections of first-year interstate student Jeremy Ho

By Jemma Wilson

Meet one of our 2022 interstate freshers, Jem, and how Trinity has offered an environment and experiences where he has been able to grow.

The number one lesson Jeremy Ho (Jem) recently learnt as a senior high school student in Sydney during the pandemic is to ‘prepare for the change in your life.’ This philosophy is something he has carried into 2022 with his move interstate to Melbourne for university.

‘Most of my high school experience was defined by lockdown, Zoom calls or classes, empty schools. So, changing from that environment to kind of like a normal university setting with all new people... brings about a lot of change.’

Despite this, Jem was heavily involved in many extracurricular activities at Sydney Grammar School including ‘public speaking, debating, the stock standard kind of literature club’. But he had a particular interest in languages and the language aspects of his school.

Jem was initially referred to the University of Melbourne through his friend’s mum. However, it was the idea of a fresh start in a new place that was even more enticing.

‘I feel as though staying in the same city for your entire life is restricting,’ he reflects. Jem also adds that making such big changes in your youth are ‘a really vital process of growing up.’

Jem found Trinity College as an environment that allowed him to adjust. He describes that ‘the Trinity experience, or so far as a fresher (new student), is very much a situation where opportunities come, and it’s up to you to take them how you will.’ For example, Jem has been able to extend his enthusiasm for languages. You'll find him speaking Italian at the language tables during formal halls.

Another unique aspect of Trinity, for Jem, is the opportunity to talk with older peers in the same course. They ‘are just so willing to help you and give you notes and sit down with you and talk with you about what you study, what you are going to study,’ he says.

Jem is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. However, in classic fresher fashion, his experiences since commencing his studies and involvement at College have shifted his high school ambition of working in a financial institution. He reflects that ‘nowadays, I’m finding myself drawn towards digging up dinosaur bones! Spending time in the library of Trinity is quite an eye opening (experience).’

But beyond education, Jem has found Trinity to be a place where he is exposed to a new way of living – away from family and interstate, full of amazing people and emotions that, as he says, are ‘integral for everyone growing up’.

Jem’s advice for those leaving school and considering College is: ‘diamonds are formed under pressure and stress, and if you decide to go to Trinity, if you decide to take the first step to jump the boundary, to be a pioneer or an explorer for yourself, or perhaps just follow the path of an older sibling, I would recommend it 100%. You’ll come out the other end inexplicably just a different person, and that is so exciting.’

Ready to take that first step? Applications for Trinity College are now open.

09 May 2022
Category: People