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Trinity Lecturer named in 50 top thinkers for The Conversation

Dr Robyn Whitaker, Bromby Lecturer in Biblical Studies, has been recognised with one of her articles included in the 50 standout articles for The Conversation in 2017.

In 2017, Dr Whitaker has written on topics including the same-sex marriage debate, voluntary assisted dying and a note to Margaret Court on interpreting the bible. 

The Conversation Yearbook 2017 features articles on the claim that Indigenous Australians are the most incarcerated people on earth, questions posed by curious children, and Hugh Mackay's observation that the state of the nation starts in your street.

Contributors for 2017 include: Michelle Grattan, Hugh Mackay, Stephen FitzGerald, Denis Muller, Joseph Paul Forgas, Thalia Anthony, Alan Collins, Rachel Ong and Eileen Baldry.

The opinions expressed in Dr Whitaker's articles are strictly those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Trinity College.


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