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Rubbish collected, lights off – Trinity students go green

Earlier this month, Trinity College students collected rubbish for Clean Up Australia Day, and they are now preparing to switch off the lights for Earth Hour this weekend as part of our commitment to sustainability.

Trinity College Clean Up Australia Day

This weekend, Trinity College will participate in Earth Hour as part of its commitment to sustainability and environmental action. Trinity will be switching off its lights between 8.30–9.30pm as part of the global movement to reduce the impacts of climate change. Trinity College sustainability intern Bethanie Chong says the concept is simple, but makes a big impact on the environment, and is an effective way to keep climate action top of mind amongst our community and politicians. 

‘At Trinity, we are always looking for ways to get students involved in environmental initiatives and conversations, and do our small part to fight against climate change,’ says Bethanie. ‘Electricity is the college's number one source of carbon emissions, so things like Earth Hour are the perfect way to highlight the importance of reducing our electricity consumption and also be part of a worldwide initiative, which is really powerful.’

Earth Hour tails another environmental initiative hosted by Trinity College earlier this month – Clean Up Australia Day – which is run as an annual partnership between students from our Residential College and Pathways School. On 9 March 2019, more than 70 students spent a warm Saturday morning gathering rubbish in and around the Royal Park Nature Playground. 

The focus this year was on highlighting the detrimental impact cross-contamination between waste destined for landfill and waste destined to be recycled has on the environment. Through this event, students were able to get to know each other and share lunch at the park while reflecting on the ways they could help promote waste reduction and proper segregation both as individuals and as part of the Trinity community. 

Other environmental initiatives planned for later in year include a tree planting day and an inter-building electricity reduction competition. 

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