Do you know someone who would thrive living at Trinity?

There’s something special about living at Trinity. When you talk to the students the first thing they always mention is the close-knit, caring community and the friends they’ve made. And making friends is vitally important.

Modern universities are full of lonely, disconnected students who only attend lectures and tutorials and never truly feel a part of the place. 

In contrast, students like ours who live on campus thrive because they know lots of people and feel like they belong. This gives them the confidence to take advantage of all sorts of opportunities, try new things and evolve into the person they really want to be.

Creating a community of happy, healthy, connected 18 to 21-year-olds draws on decades of experience, a team of dedicated staff, inspiring student leaders and a massive sense of fun. The students get to know themselves and each other through organised sports, academic tutorials and extension programs, informal and formal social events, community outreach programs, the production of plays and musicals, singing in the choir and ensembles, and simply hanging out on the lawn.

Be assured, supporting your son or daughter to attend Trinity is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give your child. 

Applications are now open for new students wanting to attend Trinity's Residential College in 2020. 

Maybe you have friends or family with children in their final year at school who are planning to attend the University of Melbourne. If so, consider if they'd be interested in joining the Trinity community and encourage them to apply. Students who love to get involved and give new things a go, and who value their study but also enjoy a bit of fun will fit right in.

Next year is the perfect year to apply because:

  • we have 100 additional beds becoming available in a modern new building on our main campus
  • our scholarship program has expanded significantly with many opportunities for financial support available.

Open days are coming up and private tours of the Trinity College campus are also possible. We hope to welcome some of your family and friends soon.


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