Meet Yun-Ching Lee, studying FS online from Taiwan

By Emily McAuliffe

Yun-Ching (Clara) Lee has found the Trinity teachers kind and supportive, and has been able to make friends from around the world, even online.

Yun Ching LeeWhere are you currently studying? 

I’m studying online in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Why did you choose Trinity? 

Trinity has a great course to help me prepare for university studies.

What did it mean to you to get a scholarship to attend Trinity College?

It helped my parents pay less money for a great education!

How would you describe your experience at Trinity?

I think meeting a lot of friends from arond the world is interesting, and I enjoy it!

What’s your favourite thing about Trinity College?

The teachers and students are nice and helpful.

What do you think of the teaching style at Trinity? How is it different to what you are used to? 

I think Trinity requires students to think critically. I used to be sitting in a classroom without talking a word in a class.

What do you think of your teachers? 

The teachers are nice and are willing to help us when we have questions. They encourage us to ask questions.

What are your two favourite core subjects and why?

Drama and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) are my favourite core subjects because I can learn a lot from physical communication to writing an academic essay. Also, I learned a lot about different cultures.

What are your two favourite elective subjects and why?

I love Media & Communications and Economics. In M&C, I learned a lot of things in media that I’ve never experienced before. Economics teaches me how the market works in the world.

How do you think Trinity College Foundation Studies has prepared you for university studies and your career?

Trinity has helped me a lot in writing and expressing my own point of view.

Have you been able to make friends with other students?

Yes! I have made a lot of friends in classes online!

Why did you want to go to the University of Melbourne? 

The environment is suitable for me and it provides prestigious programs.

What degree do you want to study at the University of Melbourne?

I want to study Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing.

Would you recommend Trinity College to other students? 

Yes! Of course!



15 Oct 2021
Category: Foundation Studies