Looking back on 2021: Residential College

By Willow Plex (student)

Our Residential College Student of the Year, Willow Plex, reflects on 2021 and the challenges and opportunities it brought.

Willow Plex in Trinity coloursAs we entered college in 2021 there was an overarching hope for a 'normal' year, filled with the events and freedoms that many felt deprived of. The Delta variant put a spanner in the works for the idealised version of a COVID-free year. And so our community, once again, came together to survive and to thrive.

It has been a blessing to witness first-hand the Trinity spirit during such difficult circumstances, from College-wide events adapted by the TCAC into a COVID-safe format, to the amazing things our clubs and societies were able to achieve. The most uplifting parts of College in 2021 was witnessing the friends that were made, the coffee dates that were had, and the impromptu sport matches that were played.

The most important aspect of 2021 at Trinity for me was what we were able to do to improve the wider community; volunteering with 300 Blankets (a charity providing much-needed supplies to those sleeping rough), raising thousands of dollars for charities, and the skills and empathy that were imparted onto members of our own community.

This year was a blessing; I faced many challenges and am learning to manage, overcome and live with them. My time at College, as well as the skills I have recently learned as a member of the TCAC (student committee), has given me a lot of optimism and pride heading into the role of Community Representative next year.

Also, being named Trinity’s Student of the Year is an absolute honour and I am so glad to have my community from both Benalla and Melbourne to celebrate with. I hope that my ability to thrive in College gives even more reason to support scholarship students (like me) and allow for a more diverse community.

Wishing all staff, students, alumni, and friends of Trinity College a wonderful holiday season heading into 2022!



13 Dec 2021