UN youth scholarship

Residential student Rona Glynn-McDonald has won a national scholarship to attend a UN Forum in New York City.

Rona was awarded the scholarship through Global Voices (open to anyone aged 18–30), to be a delegate at the UN ECOSOC (Economic Social Council) High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July.

Rona is currently studying Commerce (2nd year), majoring in Economics and Finance, and plans on undertaking the JD eventually.

As part of her research fellowship, she will write a research paper on a topic of choice: Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage through Sustainable Economic Development in Remote Communities.

The paper will explore potential areas for economic development and private enterprise relevant for regional communities that will simultaneously conserve traditional practices and land.

‘I am passionate about sustainable economic development that does not rest solely on the back of the mining sector and will allow for the diversification of income streams,’ says Rona.

‘I envisage that there is a role for me (in the future) in empowering Indigenous communities by shaping and creating public policy that allows for the participation of people who are currently marginalised by the very policies created to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.’

In her university breaks, Rona works as a policy research intern at the Central Land Council in Alice Springs, assisting traditional owners in their response to the many changes in government frameworks, and advocating their views on new policy.

01 Apr 2015