Tom McNicol shares his experience of moving to Trinity from Brisbane

By Emily McAuliffe

Tom McNicol, who was born in the UK, says he’s had to embrace his ‘inner Pom’ after moving from Churchie in Brisbane to Trinity College in Melbourne, where the weather is a tad chillier, but says Trinity has opened so many doors that he hasn’t looked back.

Tom McNicolTom McNicol was lucky enough to secure a scholarship to live at Trinity College while studying at the University of Melbourne, where he’s in his first year of a Bachelor of Commerce. 

Though he says heading interstate was a big move, he hasn’t had any trouble adjusting to his new life in Victoria. ‘It seems like a big change, but the friendships you make and the people you meet – you're really doing life together,’ he says. ‘I think everyone is pretty nervous coming into college … Even if people have come from Melbourne, there's still a whole lot of new people and it's a different setting. But everyone is in the same boat and is eager to make new friends.’

Tom feels like his school experience at Churchie made the transition to Trinity College relatively easy, as the institutions have similar principles and opportunities. ‘They’re very similar in quite a lot of ways with the sport side of things, and there are lots of music groups and other types of community and social activities to get involved in.’ Tom also notes that both Churchie and Trinity have a long and strong history, and are rooted in Anglican values.

Like Churchie, Trinity also has a strong community network, and Tom is hoping to tap into this to secure an internship. ‘I think Trinity supports you in making connections. For example, we've got tutors who are past Trinity students that now work in the field, and they can help you find opportunities.’

Though Tom was sure he’d have a good time at college, he was surprised by just how good things were. ‘I've enjoyed every part of it. Even just looking out [of my bedroom window], it's quite beautiful looking at the grounds – waking up to this view each day. And, also, I knew I’d be living with others, but I didn’t realise just how much interaction you get with different people.’

‘I've always been told, whether it be through school or family, to make the most of your opportunities and to take whatever comes your way, because you never know what you're going to get or who you're going to meet when you do. Now I’m at Trinity, I’ve been given a lot of opportunities and there’s always something to be a part of.’

‘I’d say to others thinking about coming to Trinity to just apply, because, no matter who you are, I think you're going to have a very, very good time. You've got a great support network once you get into college and there are always going to be people there helping you with your studies and helping to open doors for you.’


06 Oct 2021