Tathra Lowe on feeling at home at Trinity College

By Olivia Williams (Bentley)

Peek Whurrong woman Tathra Lowe found a home at Trinity long before she started uni, and a scholarship was the warm welcome she needed to help her settle in, make friends and pursue a career in law.

Tathra LoweAt age 12, Tathra moved from Warrnambool to Melbourne to complete her high school studies at Methodist Ladies’ College. Although it was ‘an amazing experience’, she often felt homesick.

Fortunately for Tathra, her big sister Indi lived just a few suburbs away at Trinity College in Parkville.

‘I would be homesick in the boarding house and would come stay with Indi on the weekends and everything would be okay. So Trinity always had that ‘home’ feel for me’.

When it came to applying for colleges, Tathra’s parents encouraged her to consider a range of options. ‘I did tours at other colleges, but I said “No, I really want to go to Trinity”.’

Certain in her decision that Trinity was where she wanted to be, Tathra was grateful to receive a scholarship to make her college dreams a reality.

By the time Tathra was moving into Trinity College, her sister had completed her studies and moved on. However, she left Tathra with some advice. ‘Indi told me to never forget someone’s name… it meant that I really listened to people and could start a conversation with anyone at any time.’

As a Peek Whurrong woman, Tathra says being close to Country is great because ‘I can go home whenever I want to’. However, she says there’s also a strong presence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Trinity College. ‘It’s nice, you always bump into someone.’ Plus, the community in general is what makes Trinity so special.  ‘It’s the people you meet, one hundred percent. The people make the place.’

Though Tathra sees value in embracing opportunities and meeting lots of people at college, she says it’s also important to take care of yourself.

‘Make sure you put yourself out there to ensure you get the best out of Trinity College. But also respect your own personal boundaries and take time for yourself whenever you may need. College is an intense experience with lots of things going on. Spending time alone to watch a movie or read a book is a good way to recharge and look after yourself.’

Of course, with college life also comes study.

Tathra was initially unsure of what to study at university, but after reflecting on what she enjoyed at school, she decided that a degree in humanities was a good option, with law the ultimate dream.

Now in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in history and minoring in law and justice, that dream is getting closer as Tathra plans to continue her studies with a Juris Doctor (JD) graduate law degree.

Although undecided about what specific area of law she would like to work in, Tathra says working with the Aboriginal community is her main goal and the reason she wants a law degree. ‘I want to do something I am passionate about because then it doesn’t feel like I’m working.’


12 Aug 2021