Students make biggest noise

Last Friday, hundreds of February Main Orientation students congregated on the Bulpadock to shake up a very big noise!

Throughout the year a number of special events are held to reinforce academic and personal skills, and encourage a sense of community among Foundation Studies students.

A long-standing College tradition, each February the Big Noise sees TCFS students gather to break out in all sorts of ways.

This year, with such a large February Main intake, the event was named ‘Biggest Noise 2015’.

Last Friday, well in excess of 600 students congregated on the Bul to pick up myriad instruments – ranging from castanets to cowbells, wood blocks, bongos, conga and more again.

The noise was incredible. The atmosphere exciting. Between group dancing, African dancing and just plain old spontaneous dancing, it was an amazing experience!

24 Feb 2015
Category: Foundation Studies