Student wins mathematics scholarship

Second year Bachelor of Science student Bohao Yao (TC 2013) has been awarded an Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Vacation Research Scholarship.

Each year the AMSI scholarship is awarded to only around 50 students around Australia, most of whom are third year students.

Impressively, Bohao was also awarded an ANU summer research scholarship, but had to turn it down as it clashed with the AMSI placement.

It means that the Chinese-born student will spend six weeks of his summer holidays indoors at the University of Melbourne, but he enjoys the work.

Majoring in Pure Mathematics, Bohao – who bagan at Trinity in Foundation Studies in 2012) – will spend his time developing new mathematical algorithms that can hopefully be scaled up in complexity with little effort.

‘It's my own research topic,’ Bohao explains. ‘I have a supervisor at the University of Melbourne, who will review my work as I go.’

As part of the AMSI scholarship conditions, Bohao will be expected to publish a research paper on his work, as well as a blog post on the AMSI website.

He will also present his work at an AMSI conference in Melbourne in mid-February.

‘I like doing research,’ Bohao says. ‘I'm happy to be at the institute for the summer break. I'm very excited about this.’

Read more about the AMSI scholarship program here

20 Nov 2014