Row for Rudi Oars

In remembrance of Rudi van Breda, who rowed for Trinity, members of the Trinity College Boat Club will complete a 24-hour ‘ergathon’ to raise money for the club.

The ergo (indoor rower) challenge will commence on Thursday 9 April, and will bring the group together in light and memory of Rudi.

All money raised will support the purchase of new equipment that will be a 'gift' in Rudi's name to the Trinity College Boat Club. It will help remember Rudi’s passion through the boat club.

The rowers aim to buy a new set of Concept2 oars (costing around $6,000) for the boat club, and will hang one in memory of Rudi in the Billiards Room at Trinity.

This is an occasion for people to remember Rudi and his great contribution to not only the boat club, but to the Trinity community as a whole.

Rudi van Breda (TC 2011), pictured, was a young alumnus who died in January.

Members of the boat club urge you to donate to the cause – in the hope that we all can remember Rudi for the champion he was. To donate, click here and select ‘Rudi van Breda Fund’ on the online form.

Trinity College will be competing in the Inter-Collegiate Rowing Regatta on Saturday 2 May. Be sure to go along in your Trinity colours and cheer on the team. More here

02 Apr 2015