Reaching the skyline

Trinity recently hosted a celebration of graduates of the Skyline Education Foundation Australia, which for the first time included a new Residential College student.

The Skyline Education Foundation Australia was established 10 years ago to provide intensive support for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds during the last two years of their secondary education.

The foundation has achieved great things. The financial, educational, emotional and practical support for bursary recipients, delivered in partnership with schools throughout Victoria, has been central to changing the lives of many students.

This year, for the first time, a Skyline graduate has also entered Trinity as an undergraduate student. Ardeshir Sahmeddini (pictured here with the Dean, Campbell Bairstow, and Trinity Fellow Dr Peter Hollingworth, Chair of the Skyline Foundation) is studying Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

A graduate of Lyndale Secondary College where he was a Kwong Lee Dow Scholar, Ardeshir has his sights set firmly on studying Medicine as a graduate student.

Ardeshir was awarded two significant Trinity Scholarships – one from the Cybec Foundation, one of the College’s most important modern benefactors, and the other the James Guest Memorial Jack Brockhoff Foundation Medical Scholarship. This was the first award of the scholarship that celebrates the remarkable life and contribution of Trinity alumnus Dr James Guest.

The 2015 graduates were acknowledged at a celebration hosted by Trinity on Wednesday 9 March.

Trinity students have been engaged in the work of the Skyline Foundation as volunteer tutors and mentors to the bursary recipients. 


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05 Apr 2016