Pathways School Students Celebrate Halloween

On Saturday 29 October, over two hundred Pathways School students celebrated Halloween at Edith Head Hall. For many of our students, this was their first experience celebrating Halloween. In fact, the student organisers of our party had never celebrated Halloween.

Under the leadership of students Angelo Kyaw Zaw Hein and Isuru Jude Arundra Peries, twenty-five members of the newly formed Trinity Lifeskills (TLC) Multicultural and Multi-faith Community Club, organised the Halloween party. They worked together with residents of Edith Head Hall to ensure the event was successful. In preparation for the party, the student leaders set two goals for the night; each student volunteer would have a meaningful opportunity to participate, and that each party guest would try something new and be a little spooked. 

By the end of the night, more than 40 student volunteers had participated in the leadership of this party. Student volunteers decorated, designed a haunted house, greeted and registered guests, painted faces, provided music, distributed food, took photos, spooked guests in the haunted house, and cleaned up after the big night. A few of our guests had so much fun walking through the haunted house that they ended up joining the crew as characters for the rest of the evening. 

As illustrated in the photographs, there was much joy in the air.  Students commented that they were thankful for this new experience. Students danced until the moment the party ended, some singing karaoke for the first time with the support of their friends.

Many thanks to all of our student volunteers who worked diligently to plan a wonderful event, and the supportive staff who worked alongside our students. Finally, we greatly appreciate the residents and staff of Edith Head Hall for opening their residence with such warm hospitality, and an excitement to celebrate Halloween with the Trinity Pathways School Community.

The Multicultural and Multi-Faith Club is a group of students that celebrate and appreciate our diversity as a gathered community at Trinity College. The members of the club have a desire to share their leadership through the planning of various educational events, charity opportunities, and cultural celebrations. One of the four cultural celebrations the students chose to plan this year was a Halloween Party.   The Revd Lisa Saunders, Pathways School Chaplain, is the coordinator of the Multicultural and Multi-Faith Community Club.

04 Nov 2016
Category: Foundation Studies