New TCAC for 2015–16

Welcome to the Trinity College Associated Clubs (TCAC) 2015–16 representatives.

This group of students represents an enthusiastic and capable team to lead Trinity in all aspects of residential life.

The Senior Student is Jack Dawson (3rd year, Commerce), pictured.

The new TCAC members are:

  • Jackson Clarke (3rd year, Science) – Treasurer
  • John He (3rd year, Commerce) – Social Secretary
  • George Colman (3rd year, Commerce) – Indoor Rep 
  • Samantha Marshall (3rd year, Science) – Women’s Sports Rep
  • David Dixon (3rd year, Science) – Men’s Sports Rep
  • Yvette dal Pozzo (3rd year, Arts) – Arts Rep

Our appreciation and congratulations are extended to the outgoing TCAC for the commitment, enthusiasm and hard work they have each dedicated to their roles throughout 2013–14.


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Pictured: Senior Student Jack Dawson.

18 Feb 2016