Meet our new Senior Student Lucie Griffin

By Lucie Griffin

Lucie Griffin has been named our incoming Senior Student for 2022–23. Our Senior Student heads up Trinity's residential student association, the TCAC. Congratulations, Lucie!

Lucie Griffin

Where are you from and why did you come to Trinity?

I am very proudly from Bendigo. Both of my parents, Kerrie and Stephen, and my siblings, Ryan, Emily and William, all grew up in regional Victoria – so moving to Trinity was very exciting to me.

I was always tossing up between Bendigo and Melbourne for my tertiary education. My father and siblings all studied and loved their time at Bendigo La Trobe. They studied business, engineering/business, pharmacy and law/business, respectively, and are now practicing at high levels in these areas. They all had a firm view on what they wanted to study, but having watched my parents and siblings do very different things I was never quite sure what I wanted to study or what path to take. For this reason, the Melbourne Curriculum and a Bachelor of Arts appealed to me.

In 2019, I took my first step onto the Trinity grounds – what an exciting moment. I experienced a rush of energy and passion, something that before then I never fathomed anyone could feel from a collection of historic buildings and perfectly manicured green grass.

I now realise this feeling came, not from the place, but the people, the culture and the overall Trinity experience. At Trinity, there truly is an appreciation for everyone, from all walks of life and who have different interests, whether they be musical, sporting, academic. This is why I chose Trinity.

Coming from regional Victoria, community and family is particularly important to me. I knew from that day in 2019 that Trinity really could be my home away from home, as it has been for many Trinitarians and more to come.

What are some of your favourite memories from Trinity so far?

Having started at Trinity in 2021, I have experienced two very different years at college; a year full of lockdowns and COVID uncertainties and a year jampacked with so much fun and so many cultural and social events. It actually feels like the utmost privilege to have experienced two very contrasting years during my time here so far.

First year was a wonderful opportunity to really experience college from a much more corridor-focused perspective. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to experience the reconstruction of Trinity’s culture as we emerged from pandemic life, and now really is the time to see our community flourish.

In the best way possible, you never quite know what to expect at Trinity – everything is so dynamic. To me, this dynamism is what makes Trinity such a colourful and joyous place. Whether that be singing the Trinity song with gusto, cheering on our talented Trinitarians, or eagerly grasping the opportunity to try new sports or artforms with both hands.

Why did you apply for Senior Student?

I have always valued the importance of giving back to community and live by the mantra, for much is given, much is expected. What better opportunity to give back than as Senior Student?

Throughout my time at school I had the opportunity to be school captain, a house captain, the captain of various music ensembles and sports teams, a peer support leader, a sports coach, and a leader in the wider community. So, I have never shied away from these sorts of positions.

I have been particularly fortunate in my time at Trinity to be a Student Coordinator and a member of the Wellbeing Committee. I’ve loved how these roles have presented me the opportunity to take on a pastoral care role, to help support and bring people together.

It has also been an especially wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know different people better. I think this will help me be the proactive voice and genuine advocate for Trinitarians everyone is looking for, and to also help others use their own voice.

Although I’m a bundle of excitement and nerves for the year ahead, I feel well prepared and determined to achieve everything positive I possibly can for our college.

What do you think you’ll bring to the role during your time as Senior Student? And what aspect of the role are you most excited for?

Trinity truly is so much more than a college – it really is the home away from home we hope for. It’s vibrant and passionate, but as with everything, there is always room for improvement and positive change.

As Senior Student I’m extremely excited to make the most outstanding Trinity experience possible for every Trinitarian. It’s especially important to me that we celebrate everyone’s individuality so we can be the most genuine, welcoming college imaginable.

I hope to facilitate positive change in many facets of college life, particularly by way of social events, admin-student relations, education, academics, college spirit, future opportunity and more.

Alongside this, gaining a variety of experience in working with the Council and Board is also very exciting to me. Seeing what life at Trinity is like from a non-resident perspective and seeing all of the work that goes on behind the scenes is something that has always intrigued me – I’m looking forward to learning more.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I am wholeheartedly excited and ready for the year to come.


02 Sep 2022