New Foundation Studies Student Council

A student representative council is currently being created in the Foundation Studies Program.

The aim is to provide a more formal process for students to discuss amongst themselves and with staff issues of importance to them. It is hoped that the resulting dialogue will help to enhance a sense of inclusion, capability and responsibility for students.

It will also be a way for staff to hear and respond to students’ ideas and concerns, with the council addressing the All Staff meeting at regular intervals.

Processes for the student council are currently being road-tested by the October Fast Track intake, with students Sam Chin, Michael Hanggodo, Viet Pham, Cheryline Toh, Candace Yeo and Nicholas Yong. This is being assisted by Sameen Motahhir, Denise Bush, Mary Zafirakis and Mike Heald. It is envisaged that the student council will expand to include most FS intakes in the near future.

29 Apr 2015
Category: Foundation Studies