Meet former FS student Kaylor Huo

By Emily McAuliffe

Kaylor shares what she loves most about Melbourne, how she made friends, and how Australia’s education system is different to that in her home country of China.

Kaylor Huo at St Kilda

What country did you grow up in?

I was born and bred in China and my native language is Chinese.

Why did you decide to move to Melbourne?

I would say that studying abroad is not only about choosing majors or universities, but is also about choosing a city that you would like to live in. Melbourne is a romantic and culture-rich city. It’s Australia’s capital of culture and the culture of Melbourne is open to everybody who lives in or visits Melbourne. It’s difficult for a foreigner to feel like an outsider in this city.

Why did you choose Trinity College?

My dream is to study commerce at the University of Melbourne, and studying Foundation Studies at Trinity College is the best way for me to achieve my dream, since Trinity and Melbourne University are affiliated.

I also chose to study at Trinity College because of its open, receptive, absorbing atmosphere, which provides a platform for students from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

What intake were you in at Trinity?

I was in the February Main intake, and before that I studied the August Extended program in 2019.

What was your favourite subject?

I would say that History of Ideas (HOI) was my favourite subject, even though it is difficult to get a high score. The first time I participated in a HOI lecture, I said to my friends: ‘it will be a hard semester’. But HOI is also a charming subject, as we not only learn about history, but view history in our own way, regardless of our cultural background. When we are writing a HOI essay, there isn’t just one answer for the essay topic. That is the charm of HOI.

How would you describe the teachers at Trinity?

They are all like friends no matter their age and gender. All of the students at Trinity have their own mentor too. My mentor was my drama teacher, whose name is Monique. She helped me a lot, especially during the self-quarantine period during Covid. She gave me a few words of comfort and helped me to make study plans.

All of my teachers were patient and friendly. They encouraged me to ask questions and answered my questions with patience. They taught us how to be good students as well as how to be nice people.

Did you find it easy to make friends? What kinds of things did you do with your friends at Trinity?

Yes, I did! I made friend with students from many different backgrounds. It’s amazing to talk to them as they always provide various ideas and different thinking methods. They also did not view people through coloured glasses. We hung out after class, shared our daily movements and study resources.

What did you like most about living and studying in Australia? (even during Covid!)

Yes, it was a hard time for international students as we spent most of our time studying online, which really challenged our self-control. But the thing I like most about living and studying in Australia is the cultural exchange. Like, we have to think in a different way compared to our home countries, and we have to learn how to change from an outsider to an insider and adapt to a new culture and society. I think this process that we experienced is the most meaningful thing we can earn from studying abroad.

How is Australia different from your home country?

The biggest difference between Australia and China is the education system. The atmosphere of education in Australia is more open than my home country, as the Australian education system focuses more on critical thinking and encourages students to think in their own way.

What are you planning to study at university?

I am planning to study actuarial studies at university since I have already learnt a little bit of accounting and I am really interested in mathematics. Plus, actuarial studies require specialisation and accuracy, which could be a big challenge for me.

Would you recommend Trinity College to other international students?

Yes, I would. I would also recommend that other students enjoy their study life at Trinity College and come up with a plan for their future study.


08 Feb 2021
Category: Foundation Studies