Meet Foundation Studies teacher Kerry Higgins

By Emily McAuliffe

Chemistry teacher Dr Kerry Higgins shares the best places in Victoria that she thinks international students should visit, and what she loves most about teaching at Trinity.

Kerry Higgins


Dr Kerry Higgins

What do you teach?

I’m the Subject Leader for Chemistry and I teach Chemistry lectures and tutorial classes.

What do you enjoy most about working at Trinity College?

I enjoy working with our wonderful students. They show such enthusiasm and drive to succeed. I appreciate their willingness to venture to and experience living and studying in a new country. It’s a real privilege to support them in their studies.

Why do you think Trinity College in Melbourne is a great place for international students to study?

  • Students studying at Trinity meet other students from different countries and have the opportunity establish lifelong friendships that are global.
  • The experienced and dedicated teaching staff go out of their way to assist students to reach their goals.
  • Student wellbeing is supported through a program of activities, dedicated wellbeing staff and our mentoring program.
  • Trinity College is in close proximity to Melbourne University and this provides students with opportunity to know the university before they officially start studying there. This helps to make the transition to university life smooth and successful.

What was your favourite subject at school and why?

I have always been fascinated with all things to do with science. Science helps me to explain and understand what I see of the world around me. 

What is your favourite thing about Australia and why?

Australia is big, I love the space. I enjoy that you can take days or weeks to travel across the country and there is much to experience. Even though I live close to the centre of Melbourne, a big capital city, I always feel that in Australia there is space to breathe.

Where are three places in Victoria that you think international students should check out when they move here?

  • In Melbourne, take a picnic on a nice sunny day and go to the Botanic gardens.
  • In Victoria, head to the west coast and visit the beach at Apollo Bay. While there, drop by the Fishermen’s coop restaurant for a delicious lunch.
  • Go to watch a football game (Australian Rules, of course) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The game is fast and the rules are a bit complicated but it is such a fun Melbourne experience. If you need a team to support, I recommend Geelong, the Cats!

What is your favourite Australian animal and why?

I love all animals so choosing one favourite is a challenge.

  • Wombats are fabulous. They look like big cuddly teddy bears but when they go running through your camp site in the dark of night, they seem more like a charging bull (although somewhat smaller).
  • Then, how crazy are Tasmanian Devils? They seem to spend life in a permanent state of anger with each other.
  • For cuteness, it is hard to go past a koala. It would have to be a favourite.

What advice would you give to a student who is thinking about studying Foundation Studies at Trinity?

When you come to Trinity, take the opportunity to participate in the activities available to you as much as you can. Get to know other students, study together and support each other. Finally, always remember your teachers are here to support you.

What is your life philosophy?

It’s a simple one. Be kind, to others and yourself.



16 Mar 2023
Category: Foundation Studies