Meet student Marco Winar, studying remotely from Indonesia

By Emily McAuliffe

Marco gives an honest appraisal of what it's like completing Foundation Studies at Trinity from abroad.

Marco Winar Trinity CollegeWhat intake are you in at Trinity?

July Fast Track 2021

Where are you studying? 

I’m studying online in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Why did you choose Trinity? 

Because I want to aim for the University of Melbourne, which is one of the best universities in Australia.

What did it mean to you to get a scholarship to attend Trinity College?

I feel happy and satisfied because, at this point, I can make my parents feel happy and pay less for the school fees. It really helps me a lot because I can pay less and have a full-paid service provided by Trinity.

How would you describe your experience at Trinity?

Honestly, as a July Fast Track student, I feel it is a little rushed and I am still struggling to adapt to this new routine and this new way of teaching, because Trinity has a different way of teaching to the high school I used to study at. About the rushing at Trinity though, I feel that indeed it should be like this because it is a fast-track course, so it should be fine and as time goes on, I shall get used to it.

What’s your favourite thing about Trinity College?

I have the chance to meet new people and experience a new way of studying through more independent learning. I have also met a lot of people from different countries, which is nice to me.

What do you think of the teaching education environment at Trinity? How is it different to what you are used to? 

Trinity has a student-centred form of learning and we need to be independent learners. It is completely different from my high school, which has a teacher-centred form where students do not provide their opinions or thoughts and there is less group discussion.

What do you think of your teachers? 

So far, they are all good. They provide a good explanation of the course and they are all friendly.

What are your two favourite core subjects and why?

(1) History of Ideas, because it allows me to think critically and provide powerful arguments about ideas, which is a nice skill to have for my university studies later on.

(2) English for Academic Purposes (EAP), because it really helps me to write correctly and effectively, and it prepares me for university-standard essays.

What are your two favourite elective subjects and why?

(1) Mathematics 2, because I have a chance to learn new things that are not taught in Mathematics 1, which feels like a revision of my high school mathematics. Besides, Mathematics 2 also has a coding lesson, which I love the most because it is my hobby.

(2) Accounting, because I have never learned accounting before. By taking accounting, I can also learn new things and I feel that it is beneficial for me personally in the future. In fact, I am planning to take Finance or Accounting for my breadth studies later on at the University of Melbourne. Therefore, as a student that has no knowledge about accounting, I should learn the basics of it first at Trinity College.

How do you think Trinity College Foundation Studies has prepared you for university studies and your career?

Trinity College Foundation Studies has prepared me a lot for university studies. It has shaped me in a way so that I can adapt to the Australian school standards. I cannot even imagine if I directly entered university without going through the Trinity College Foundation Studies first. There will be a lot of essays and presentations, which I don’t think I’d be able to do without doing Foundation Studies first.

Have you been able to make friends with other students?

Yes, I have made friends with a lot of students in the Foundation Studies program. I have met a lot of students from different countries and different parts of Indonesia, and have made friends with them.

Why did you want to go to the University of Melbourne? 

Because the University of Melbourne has a good reputation and, in fact, it is one of the best universities in Australia.

What degree do you want to study at the University of Melbourne?

Bachelor of Science (Computing and Software System)

Would you recommend Trinity College to other students? 

Yes, I would really recommend other students to study at Trinity College, especially for those who wanted to enter the University of Melbourne. I would highly recommend them to go for Trinity College first for Foundation Studies and to adapt themselves to this new environment and way of teaching.


15 Sep 2021
Category: Foundation Studies