Literature and culture review out now

Academics, researchers and teachers from the College’s Foundation Studies have published Volume 9 of Steep Stairs Review.

This issue sees the re-launch of Steep Stairs Review after a two-year reflective break.

The collection includes a diverse range of essays, book reviews and in-depth reflections.

The Review’s contributors have always been most tangibly united by their passion for sharing ideas that have inspired them at the time of writing.

As a testament to the publishers’ love of disparity, they have served up an intellectual feast to tempt the exploratory palette.

This includes, amongst others, an appreciation of melancholy, the exploration of the relationship between reading and physicality, the psychological healing power of narrative, cross-cultural representations of China’s Han dominance, important developments in eastern Mediterranean agriculture, and of course the evolution of human history and the concept of happiness.

We invite you to read Volume 9 of Steep Stairs Review here.

07 Jan 2015
Category: Foundation Studies