Letter from America

We caught up with The Revd Dr Peter French, Chair of the American Friends of Trinity committee, who recently paid a visit to the College.

You may not realise it, but at present the Trinity community in North America numbers well over 300. It’s made up of both Australian expatriates and American study-abroad students. 

Founded in 2005, the American Friends of Trinity committee aims to connect Trinity alumni living in the United States and Canada, to promote community amongst alumni, to keep alumni informed of news of the College (and vice versa) and to provide opportunities and the means by which American alumni can support the College through tax-deductible gifts.

In late July, the Chair of the committee, The Revd Dr Peter French (TC 1990) visited Melbourne, partly to graduate from his PhD at the University of Melbourne and visit family and friends.

He also dropped in to see old, and new, faces at Trinity.

Peter’s involvement with Trinity dates back close to a quarter of a century.

“I’ve been associated with the College now for nearly 25 years, as a non-resident and resident student, as Chaplain and now as an alumnus,” he said.

In 2006 Peter moved to Chicago, straight from the Deanery; and since 2008 he has served as Chaplain of the Episcopal Church at Princeton University.

Peter’s involvement on the American Friends of Trinity committee keeps him busy.

“Each year the committee provides opportunities for alumni in the US to gather at social occasions. An alumni gathering in New York in June was a success and another is planned for LA in October.”

“This year we are working on raising $50,000 for the College, principally for the Gateway Project, and also encouraging alumni to support the wide variety of scholarships at Trinity. A long-term project of the committee is to establish a scholarship fund to enable Trinity students to experience both educational and vocational opportunities in the US.”

Any alumni wanting to connect with the American Friends of Trinity is welcome to email Peter directly or through the Advancement Office. Please also connect with the American Friends of Trinity on Facebook.

08 Aug 2014