Healthy Cooking Classes

In March, Foundation Studies began running free cooking classes for students.

The purpose of the classes is to teach students about nutrition and introduce them to healthier alternatives to incorporate into their normal diets. 

In the classes students have learned how to prepare and cook vegetables, meat and other staple ingredients. 

According to Jennifer Walsh, Housing and Accommodation Manager, ‘Trinity takes an inclusive and proactive approach to working closely with accommodation providers where our students live. In order to deliver the highest levels of service, safety, wellbeing and student experience, Housing and Accommodation seeks to establish partnerships that allow students to have a great living experience whilst in Melbourne.’

The classes are run by Trinity College Nurse, Emily Dawson. 

‘It is really important for all the students to learn that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. You can make something easy and tasty that is nutritionally good for you while also having some fun,’ said Emily.

It is hoped that with the recipes and skills to prepare healthy, quick and easy meals, students will rely less on fast food options, and enjoy the physical and wellbeing benefits of maintaining a balanced diet in their busy lives. 

According to one student participant, ‘I feel [the class] is really interesting. I can learn how to cook healthy food. Everyone is enjoying their time. It’s good to attend.’ 

21 Apr 2015
Category: Foundation Studies