Interested in Foundation Studies? There’s plenty of support, even from afar.

By Emily McAuliffe

If you start study Foundation Studies at Trinity College from your home country, you’ll still receive plenty of support. Here’s what you can expect.

A mentoring program

Trinity College has a very successful mentoring program that helps students achieve their study goals and provides ongoing support. When you join our Foundation Studies program, you’ll be allocated a mentor, who is usually a teacher or other staff member.

Your mentor will work with you to create a wellbeing and performance plan, which will help ensure your health and wellbeing stays on track throughout your studies. The skills and techniques you learn will be valuable for life. 

Academic advice and support

If you need any advice throughout the program about subject selection or your studies in general, someone will be there to advise and guide you. Our trained staff can also help if you’re struggling to keep up with your classes.


If you are experiencing any kind of difficulty in your life – whether it be related to your studies, family, relationships or homesickness – our counselling service ensures you always have someone trustworthy to talk to. They will help you find strategies to feel and live well.

Activities and events

We’ve got a newsletter to keep you connected to other students and what’s going on at Trinity, and we host online events and student committees to make sure you have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, make friends and have fun!

Watch the below video to learn more.




27 Oct 2021
Category: Foundation Studies