Trinity FS students’ scholarship success at Melbourne University

By Emily McAuliffe

We are delighted to announce that in 2020, twice as many Trinity College Foundation Studies graduates were awarded a commerce scholarship at the University of Melbourne compared to the same period in 2019.

Thirty of our students received either a 50 per cent or 20 per cent fee remission for their course at Melbourne University’s Faculty of Commerce, which demonstrates the high calibre of students who enter the University system via Trinity College.

We are very proud of all of our students and wish them every success in their university studies.

Here is what some of our happy scholarship recipients have to say about their time at Trinity and the College’s role in setting them up for success at the University of Melbourne:



I was advised that Trinity College would equip me with the necessary skills, such as thinking critically and academic essay writing, and I believed that Trinity College would give a good foundation for me to start at the University of Melbourne. Indeed, it was true, and I am more confident when studying at university. Nhat Thien Thai, Vietnam




I heard of Trinity College when I was researching the University of Melbourne. The smooth transition and connection between Trinity and the University of Melbourne is the main reason I chose Trinity, as my goal was to enter the University of Melbourne. I also felt that Trinity was a promising place in terms of education and making connections. – Jessica Suhendra, Indonesia




The [Trinity] teachers were really passionate about their teaching. They were willing to help whenever I needed it, and also gave me some advice and future study tips. I would highly recommend that [other students] join Trinity since I personally believe it will be a wonderful experience and gives good foundation knowledge for tertiary years. – Thi Tuyet Nhu Huynh, Vietnam




I am very satisfied with my experience at Trinity College. Trinity has equipped me with all the knowledge I need, which helped me adjust to life at university. It certainly made the transition to university a lot smoother. – Michellyn Ardella Ing, Indonesia



I have learnt so much from Trinity College and have gained many good experiences. After finishing the course, I am truly grateful for all of my friends and teachers who supported me throughout my journey. In addition to be able to gain and maintain many good connections, Trinity College has helped me a lot in transitioning to the University of Melbourne. – Lalida (Lily) Nithirojpakdee, Thailand



12 Nov 2020
Category: Foundation Studies