FS Buddy Program 2017

The third edition of the FS Buddy Program hosted by the Student Welfare Office was a huge success.

The program provides new Foundation Studies students with an easy transition into the living and studying in Melbourne.

This program was offered to newly enrolled Trinity August Comprehensive Extended (ACE) 2017 students (Junior buddies), who were matched with Trinity alumni (Senior buddies) currently studying at the University of Melbourne.

The final session, on Wednesday 18 October, saw the successful graduation of 100 participants, made up of 55 Junior buddies and 45 Senior buddies. Together all buddies delivered impressive performances, followed by a speech of gratitude from one of the Junior buddies, Aurora (Wang Chenxi).

All Senior buddies received a certificate of recognition and a gift voucher.

Trinity alumni are able to share their valuable experiences at Trinity College and University with their Juniors. Meetings between Seniors and Juniors were casual and conducted in various locations around Melbourne such as in restaurants, Victoria Market, Melbourne Exhibition Centre and the Royal Botanic Garden.

Senior buddies studying at the University of Melbourne were able to give Juniors a taste of university life.

On reflection, one Junior buddy stated, ‘Overall, the Buddy Program is very helpful. I was very pleased that I could meet my Senior buddy there. My Senior buddy was a Trinity College alumnus from Hong Kong, and she was very friendly and warm-hearted. She has given me many valuable tips and shared her wisdom.

Another highlight of the program was that all buddies had the opportunity to have fun in a bowling game at Strike Bowling QV.

The Buddy Program 2017 was held from 9 August 2017 until 18 October 2017. 

The next Buddy Program is proposed to start in August 2018.

FS Buddy Program 2017 photos can be viewed here.

14 Nov 2017
Category: Foundation Studies