FS Buddy Program

The Buddy Program assists new Foundation Studies students with an easy transition to living and studying in Melbourne.

Continuing on the success of a pilot program conducted in 2015, the Buddy Program was expanded in 2016 to accommodate more participants.

The Buddy Program is a collaborative project by Pathways School Student Services and Student Welfare departments that aims to assist new students (Juniors buddies) to settle into a new living and study environment in Australia by encouraging their social engagement with Pathways School alumni (Senior buddies) who are currently studying at the University of Melbourne.

The Buddy Program 2016 saw an increase of 25 participants from last year, making up a total of 57 participants which consisted of 23 Senior buddies and 34 Junior buddies. The final session for the program was held on Thursday 16 March to award all the Juniors and Seniors with a certificate of participation and a certificate of recognition respectively for completing the program.

Through the program, Junior buddies received valuable tips and advice from their Seniors. One Junior buddy found that the Buddy Program was really helpful for her transition in Melbourne. ‘When I first came to Melbourne, I did not know the city at all. My Senior buddy showed me around Melbourne and answered my questions....We had some fun time together which made me feel more confident about life at Trinity and the University of Melbourne.’

A Senior buddy has also reflected that the program provides ‘a good opportunity to share my own experience to Junior buddies’ and that ‘it is always good to see (how) my advice can help others.’

Several activities were organised for the participants including an interactive communication exercise using LEGO bricks and a trip to Strike Bowling. Meetings between Seniors and Juniors were casual and conducted at various places such as at the St Kilda Beach, a cinema, a café, an art gallery, Melbourne parks, the library and the Queen Victoria Market.

The Buddy Program 2016 was held from 18 August 2016 until 16 March 2017. The next Buddy Program will be held in August this year.

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03 Apr 2017
Category: Foundation Studies